How It Works

How BitGreet works for both Sender and Receiver.


Choose a Card

Choose the card you want to send from our collection.

Bitcoin greetings cards
step 1 choose bitcoin card

Deposit Bitcoins

Deposit the Bitcoin you are sending via CoinCorners checkout. Your friend receives the exact amount you deposit, it is a completely FREE service.

Bitcoin greetings cards
step 3 deposit bitcoins via coincorner checkout
sending bitcoin christmas cards as easy as 1,2,3


step 2 add your information to the bitcoin greeting card
Bitcoin greetings cards

Enter Details

Enter your friends details, your details so they know who's sending the Bitcoin e-card and the amount you want to send them.





Receive E-card

Recipient receives their bitcoin e-card from you and has a link to click to go get their Bitcoins.

Bitcoin greetings cards
step 1 click the link in your ecard
sending bitcoin christmas cards as easy as 1, 2
step 2 receive your bitcoins to your bitcoin wallet
Bitcoin greetings cards

Bitcoin Address

Recipient enters their Bitcoin address and email to claim the Bitcoins you have sent them.