Sending someone an online card was easy, but how do you include money inside a digital card equivalent?
That's where BitGreet comes in

About BitGreet

We wanted to send our customers a very special Christmas greeting this year so we designed a couple of Christmas eCards and couldn't decide which one we liked the best.

So, instead of wasting all those brilliant designs, we created and gave everyone the ability to send Bitcoins in an eCard! Yay! gives you the ability to put Bitcoins inside your digital message, just like you would do offline with a physical card for a birthday, Christmas or other special event. We give you a great selection of eCards to choose from, handle making sure they get the email, help get your friend or family member familiar and setup with Bitcoins so all you have to do is hit send.

The only thing you have to worry about is which card to pick!


Start your own eCard by clicking here to begin your creation.